Remove values from bottom axis


My bottom axis shows 0’s with the value name as well resulting in overlap and making the chart hard to read
can you help me remove the bottom data?

Remove Specific Value from Bottom Axis

I realized that this is values for an undefined tag, by deselecting that option, most of the zeros dissapear


So new question, how can I keep the undefined from showing in my data?


Dear Turtlgal,
This really depends on your list and chart configuration, although, that is definitely possible. Can you send us a screenshot of the list that you work with and some screenshots of the chart configuration? Then we could recommend a solution.



Dear Turtlgal,
Thank you for the screenshots! I believe that you should be able to replace handlers.aggregationSuccess in the Data Source -> Advanced tab with the following code:

handlers.aggregationSuccess = function(data, logger) {
  for(var i = 0; i < data.groups.length; i++){
    if (!data.groups[i].value){
      data.groups.splice(i, 1);
  return true;

I hope that this will remove all null values from the chart. Let me know how it goes, if it helps or not!


That worked! Thank you