Renaming files and folders within a library control

Is it possible to rename files and folders within a library control? Once a user creates a folder or uploads a file, there doesn't seem to be any way of renaming? Ideally this would be possible when editing inline.

If I switch to editing in a dialog box I can rename a file, but there is still no option to rename a folder. Id rather not have to force the user to delete a folder that has been named incorrectly.

Hello @Jaydius,

You can rename files and folders using PnPjs function. Please find examples in these posts:
List and Library rename the file on upload
Remove special characters from attachment?

These examples appear to be automated renaming, I’m wanting the flexibility of the user being able to rename files and folders at any time, is that not possible using Plumsail Forms?


I'm sorry, I misunderstood you.

Yes, currently you can only rename files and only in dialog mode. We can offer paid support to add the ability to rename folders and files in inline editing mode. For more details, please email us at