Render Text Template - Exception: There was an error processing the request


I do struggle with small problem. Action "Render Text Template" results in Exception: There was an error processing the request. I have inserted some "save to history" steps to be sure this is this action.
I use ootb Dictionary and very simple HTML as template.
All variables are created successfully which I test saving them to history. You can see on first image 5 entries from history:
variables assignment - ok,
dictionary created - ok,
Render Text - failure,
HTMLString - empty,
Convert HTML to PDF - failure

Properties of Render Text Template:
Properties of Convert HTML to PDF:

As far as I read about Convert Action SiteURL is not required if I want attachment to be saved in Current Item.
Additionally Convert has the exclamation mark:

And strange fact - it was working fine a month ago.
Please help.

Solved by myself :slight_smile:
It appeared, that my SQL guys has updated SQL Server week ago so product has expired....
Whole damn afternoon... 5 hours of looking for solution...

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