Replace string using split actions

I am using office 365 .and I have a SharePoint 2010 workflow . I need to replace a string which is longer than 255. I am planning to do a Proof of Concept to confirm this works .
Is Splitting the string using dictionary and Join them using the join action work in sharepoint 2010 workflow.
The replace action is missing in 2010

Do you have any articles which I can use for the splitting and joining action actions.


You can do it using Workflow Actions Pack and SharePoint 2013 Workflows, please see example below:

Thank you for the reply.
I have two lists
List A Car where the workflow is
List B Car details . It has a multiline column which has is longer than 255. The column contains text that needs to be replaced e.g [model] [enginetype] etc.

I cannot assign it to a local string as it has limitation of 255 .
a) Can I assign the value from car details list to a dictionary value

b) I can use the split action to split the dictionary but ,how do I replace the values in the Dictionary. How do i know how many parts the dictionary has split the string into. Log to history for dictionary does not work.

Looks like you are trying to build template engine, could you please look at Render Text Template workflow action.

Also please check out following articles:
Generate PDF file from template using workflow in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365
Dynamic text and HTML templates using workflows for SharePoint 2013 or Office 365

Also I have tested long string in set workflow variable, in my case it works perfectly.
Please see proof of concept below:

You can’t use log to history with long string but you can use variable.