Revert to Classic Experience

I am wondering if anybody else has run into this scenario and how you have resolved it.

Basically, our SharePoint Online is set at the Site Collection level to use Modern Experience for all of our lists, and the lists themselves are told to inherit the global setting (which is default).

Once I start using Plumsail Forms on a list, that list will randomly swap back to Classic Experience for users (this is very VERY random). Users then need to click "Exit Classic Experience" to get back to the modern version.

Any suggestions?

Hello @sphilson,

It is unlikely that this issue is related to Plumsail Forms.

Have you customized columns with JSLink?

I actually think it is the Cross-Site lookup that is causing it, I have posted a message on that forum.


Please try to clean up the JSLink property, for instance, using PowerShell: