Root ID - How to figure out the right wording

I am trying to have filter out specific job titles in my org chart but i keep getting an error message and i think it has to do with the root ID. How do i figure out what to type in for the root ID on the person who is at the top? i dont have it on user profiles, i have it from a sharepoint list.

thank you!!!

Hello, @joymayers

You need just to find a common manager that can be a root item for all employees with a specific job title.

For example, I want to display marketing managers. Their common manager is Derek Clark:

Then I look into the source list and find his ID:

And as the last step, I specify a filtration rule and root item ID:
return itemData.JobTitle == "Marketing manager";

Here is a result:

On my Sharepoint list, I dont have a column ID, do I need to make one so then I can put that number into the Root ID?

Hi @joymayers!
By default, all the SharePoint lists have unique ID's. Most likely your list does too, it's just hidden from the view.
If you use the Modern UI, navigate to the list, click "Add column" and then "Show/hide columns":

You'll be able to check the ID column and add show it.
If you're on Classic UI, you might have to modify the view settings like this:

Thank you! i was able to get the ID number! My next problem/question is can you filter through dotted lines?

Hi @joymayers!
I'm not a 100% sure what you mean. Do you want to apply a filter to the users who are dotted-line reports? In that case, the filter should work just fine.
Here Robert is a dotted-line manager to Jeor and Pycelle:

I apply a following filter:
return itemData.Department != "Night's Watch";

Jeor is filtered from the Chart:

If I misunderstood your request, please elaborate!