Same acting Manager for 2 different Units

Dear all,

We have the following case:
one User is Acting as the same Manager for 2 different Units.
This means that on AD this User (User X) is a Manager for people in Unit A.1 and Manager for People in Unit B.1.
Unit A.1 is under different Directorate than Unit B.1.
Is it possible to display the users of Unit A.1 in different branch of the Org Chart from the users of Unit B.1?

Hope my request makes sense to you.


Hi @kchristodoulakis,
Just in case, could you, please clarify what do you mean by different branches of Org Chart (maybe draw a scheme sketch?).
If I understood you correctly, you wish to separate people from different units under the same manager. There's an option to do this: you can use the renderer.config.nodesSortFieldName property of the JavaScript Framework to achieve this. This property sets the sorting order in which the users appear under a manager. However, this will affect the whole Org Chart.
Important: in order to achieve this, you need the users from Unit A and Unit B to have a user profile field that ties them to the corresponding group (say, "Department"). You can also create a custom user profile field for this particular task.
Please paste the JS code to the Custom JavaScript tab of the Configuration Wizard. For example, this code will sort the users under each manager by their department:

renderer.config.nodesSortFieldName = "Department"

Also, you can use the Custom JavaScript setting to visually separate users by applying custom coloring:
renderer.onBoxRendered(function(event, box, itemData){ if (itemData["Department"].contains("DepartmentName") { box.$elem.css({'background': 'blue'});

Alternatively, you can also use the addClass() method for $elem and add any class to the boxes you need to visually set aside, then you can add any CSS properties for this class on the Custom CSS tab in the Configuration Wizard.

Hello Vladimir.

Please find attached a sample diagram of the Org Chart.

As you can see the user "HoU KC" is acting as a Manager in 2 different Units (Unit A.1 and Unit B.1).
Each Unit is under different Directorate.

Please advise on how to display the users under "HoU KC" on Unit A.1 and on Unit.B1?
For all these Users, the Manager on the AD is "HoU KC".

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Hi @kchristodoulakis,
It really does depend on how your user data is organized and how it gets synced between AD and SharePoint users profiled. Can I suggest you let us know how the Org Chart renders your data currently and what do you want to change?
Judging from your schemas, you'd probably like to have two separate Org structures for Directorate A and Directorate B.To achieve this, you only need to have a field that ties a certain user to each directorate (or several of directorates, which is the case for user HoU KC). After that, you can just add a separate Org Chart for a page for each directorate and use a filtering rule, like this:

return itemData["DirectorateField"].contains("Directorate A");

This will leave only users of the corresponding directorate in each Org Chart.

Alternatively, if you wish users 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 to be displayed on the same Chart, the only way you can separate those is to use a custom sorting field, please use my suggestion in the reply above.