Save and Continue button on form

I have a fairly large form and would like to place several "Save and Continue" buttons throughout the form.

I have been using this code for the General>Click property for a while now, but I am hoping that I can revise so that it does not scroll to the top each time, and to modify the message given to not say "Thank you for submitted the form", but to instead simply say something like "Your edits have been saved"

fd.spSaved(function(res) {
res.RedirectUrl = null;

Is this possible using this approach?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Pandra,

Plumsail Forms doesn't have tools for scroll control, but this is possible with native JavaScript:

  top: window.innerHeight * 2,
  left: 0

You can scroll the form to a certain section in fd.spRendered() depending on completion percentage. Using the same pixel values for all screen sizes seems impractical, so I suggest tying the scroll amount to window height.

Thank you! very helpful information