Saved as solved on new tickets

Hiya Plumsail

We have a nissue when a new ticket is created and "Saved as solved", it is logged and saved as New.

Is this a bug or something specific to our installation?

Thanking you in advance!

@Jamal_Smith-Graham, I would like to clarify the issue since I couldn't reproduce it. A new ticket is always saved with the New status (if it's created whether via HelpDesk interface or via e-mail). Then you edit such a ticket and save it as Solved, after this, you check the list of tickets and see that the ticket has still the New status. Is this the case?

If it is, I assume that you have a trigger or a task (in a Scheduler section of settings) or an SLA policy which changes ticket status to New under a certain condition. Please check all of them to exclude this possibility. Also, please provide me with an ID of a sample ticket on which you encountered the issue as well as its history with all logs - it's a tab inside a ticket form:

hiya @e.evseychik

This is the problem! We have tickets that are sovled whilst on the phone with a client. So the engineer wants to log the ticket for the client and save it as solved straight away.

Currently, you can't do that... even if you click for it to be saved as solved, it is saved as new and the engineer then has to go back into that ticket and save it as solved.

Is there no way that a ticket can be logged as solved straight away without having to go back and edit the newly logged ticket?

Now I get the issue. Unfortunately, the HelpDesk doesn't provide such an option. I would advise you to add a tag for such a case and configure a trigger to close the tagged tickets automatically.

Create a tag:

Create a trigger:

So the agents will not have to get back to the tickets and close them separately.