Saving Ticket is slow


We are noticing that when saving ticket, it seems to take from 5 -15 to save which users are starting to complain about. What we have noticed on screen that when saving the ticket, it display a spinner in the Attachments section of the form where it seems to be trying to upload attachment even when there are no attachments. is it possible to put a check in to stop the form from trying to upload documents if there is no attachments

Hello, Stefen.

I suppose, you mean this loading wheel:

It relates to uploading of the whole comment, not only attachments.

Could you try to restore default forms and check whether the issue persists? If it does, please try to reproduce it, save the content of browser console as text file, go to a "Network" tab and export its content to HAR-file, provide me with the collected data and specify the URL of the instance and a sample ticket ID on which you reproduced the issue.

You can provide this information in a private message, but I would advise you raising of a ticket in such cases: solving of specifically your problems always will require some information exchange that shouldn't be placed in public. To create a ticket, just send a message to [email protected].

HI Evgeniy,

I'm away for the rest of the week so will try and look at this next week for you


Alright, then I wait for your next update on the issue.