Scheduler not running when other workflows are enabled

I have two different site collections. Site A has 3 site workflows and Site B has one site workflow. When I add a scheduler from Site B, it turns off all my schedulers from Site A. When I turn on the schedulers from Site A it turns Site B scheduler off.
Site A

Site B

How can I enable Site B without turning off Site A?

Hello @David_E_Garza,

Could you please specify which version of Scheduler are you using? Online or OnPrem?

Hello Roman,
I am using Online.

Here is one of the things that happens when I try to enable Site B with one workflow. It took off run workflow entry.

the site workflow from Site
I have to put site workflow back and save. The other two will no longer run and I have to save them again for them to work again. I am at a loss, so I greatly appreciate your help.

Hello @David_E_Garza,

Could you please navigate to Advanced section of the scheduled task copy cron-expression and check it on
I suppose one of the expressions is invalid.

I haven't messed with this before, however, I copied the time from weblink you gave me and copied and paste it in. Should it validate?

Hello I have done this and it ran site workflow from site B but turned off the workflows from site A.

It did not do this on workflow 2 but it still didn't run. I had to go in and save them both again where they are running but I suspect workflow from site b will once again be turned off again. Please advise.

Hello @David_E_Garza,

The bug was related to internal database structure (we used WebId as a unique value, but after adding the ability to create team sites with groups by MS the WebId is not unique anymore).

Currently, the issue is fixed, I would recommend you to update your tasks (just open and click save).

Thank you for your help with diagnosing the issue.

Thank you Roman,
I will monitor for a few days to make sure everything is running well. I will message you if I see anything.