Scrolling / Panning Too Fast

Is anyone aware of a way to slow down the scrolling / panning in the org chart?
I have a client that loves this tool but when using a trackpad or a mouse, it is very jumpy. It seems as though it's moving too fast.

Any insight on how to improve this experience would be helpful!


Hello @drewster,

Could you please tell me what version of Org Chart your client is using?

Our team is currently working on Org Chart version 4 for SharePoint Online. Zooming will become much smoother.

Hi @a.cox we are using 3.5.37
Is there a rough ETA on v4 release?

Thank you

Hi @drewster,

There is no ETA on the v4 release yet. I also checked with the developer regarding temporarily adjusting the speed of scrolling and panning, and unfortunately this is not possibe.