Search for Values in Drop Down Field


I am currently making a form that contains a drop down field, with a dynamic data source from Excel. There are more than 400 values in the drop down field, which makes it difficult to find certain values. Is it possible to search for specific values in a drop down list, instead of the default "starts with" filter when you type in letters?

Dear @linkaja_subscription,
What exactly do you mean? How would you like the search to work?

Just being able to search for values from a dropdown list, like the lookup field in sharepoint forms

Dear @linkaja_subscription,
It's a good idea! I'll give the feedback to the dev team, it might one day be possible.

For now, if this is critical, we can offer paid support to speed up its implementation. The price would be reasonable for such a small change. Please, contact us at [email protected] if you're interested.

If my team already has paid support for another request, will this be an additional cost or is the paid support we got inclusive of other add-ons that we need?

Dear @linkaja_subscription,
That's something we can also discuss on the email.