Search In Look Uo

I have noticed on Lookup columns I do not always get a search box. Is here a reason it does not always appear? Is there a way I can have this functionality on all Lookups?

Hello @jktodd007,

Could you please send us some screenshots of the lookup fields to get the clear picture.

And also could you please specify to what columns types lookup field without search box refers to so we could reproduce the issue.

Thank you!

This is a normal Sharepoint look up to another List


Thank you!

Could you please answer on the below questions so I could reproduce the case.

  • What is the field type of Orginating column in Another list? Is it the text field, number or choice field, etc.?
  • How many records in another list?
  • Do you have any custom filtration or coding in the form for this lookup field?

The search was working I just didn't see it sorry for confussion

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