Search in the values of a dropdown


we use in Plumsail Form a dropdown with hundreds of records and the search / filtering is very necessary, but unfortunately we cannot search for the symbols inside the values. Is there a solution for this case?
Thank you!

Hello @Cumatale,

You can use the lookup field instead of a dropdown. Lookup fields allow filtering based on the value that user types in the field.

Sorry, I confused the type of control in my topic, but the examples I attached are from a lookup field and unfortunately the filter in the same lookup field works only by the first symbols (beg from Begin), not by another text inside (mid from Middle)

Hello @Cumatale,

You can set up Operator settings of the lookup field to determine how the search is handled by the lookup.


StartsWith - only show items that start with the entered value.
Contains - show all items that contain the entered value.

Thank you, Margarita, it's exactly what I need!

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