Search multivalves not working

In the last version of Plumsail org Chart the dropdown/choice search was fixed, however I find more type of values that are not searchable, I attach a screenshot with the words KO (where it does not work), the multiple choice of the text fields.
Maybe I should set it up or it is a lack of this function?

Thank you!

Hello Ieinso! I reproduced the issue and will ask developers whether we can fix it. I will inform you about the results.

Unfortunately, Org Chart does not support the search in such fields. We added a task to our roadmap and probably, will add it in future. No due dates though.

Thank you for he fast answer, I note that,
For other side I see the multiple line of text field type of Sharepoint is not supported neither?

Indeed, I will ask the developers about this.

We will try to support that type of the column too, but as in the case of the multiple choice, there is no due date.

Thank you Evgeniy! I will expect it then.