Searching drop down when typing value

Hi i'm trying to write JS code to search dropdown values what are from a SharePoint look up field
if I type a name it brings the exact match

Dear @VishMG,
What dropdown are you talking about? If it's a Lookup field/control, you can choose an operator for the search functionality to either search values that Start With string/Contain string that users input:

This can be selected in field properties in the editor when selecting a field.

If it's Dropdown/Choice field, please, let me know how the values from the lookup are populated in it.

@Nikita_Kurguzov i'm talking about a SharePoint field dropdown typing the name doesn't let me have any results I have selected contains in the operator dropdown still doesn't work

Dear @VishMG,
Unfortunately, this screenshot doesn't contain any technical information. If you could include the field settings from the editor, including SharePoint field type and all the properties - this would help: