Set all boxes to the same height

When we zoom in to the org chart to see all details (Name, Title, Department), those with long names or long job titles have taller boxes than those with shorter. Is there a way to make the boxes all the same size regardless of job title/name length? Maybe through CSS?


Hello @Brendan,

So it will keep the same height for all boxes but change the font size when you zoom in the chart. Is it what you're looking for?

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Plumsail team

See attached screenshot, these employee's boxes are all different heights. We would like them to be the same size to make the org chart look less messy

Hi @Brendan ,
you can set up the box hight manually with a CSS rule:

.poch-web-part .poch-control .pl-item-template {
  height: 150px;

I'll advise handpicking the height value for a better quality.

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Thank you. This worked