Set default edit form


The trial of Plumsail forms has expired and we need to revert back an edit form to its default of a sharepoint online library , but i don’t find a way to disable or unistall Plumsail Forms from our tenant and restore the library to its the default behavior. Could you provide instructions to do this, please.

I managed to revert the form back to its default. You must open the list with Sharepoint Designer , open the content type the form is tied to, and there you will find the form location, delete the URL referring to Plumsail form and that’s all.

Dear Manuel,

You could also push the “Reset” ribbon button in the Forms client to reset to the default forms (don’t push the “Save” button after that):


AlexZver, unfortunatelly we cannot click on the Reset button, because the Plumsail Forms quits before we can do this as the trial is over. What can be done?

Hello @mizseiv,

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The trial on your SharePoint domain has been extended. Thank you for your feedback.