Set Default group depricated


I’m not able to get the “Set default site group” action to work. They show up in in the share site modal but when checking access request is says: “Members cannot share this site because this site is missing a default members group”.



Hello @Vegas, thank you for your message.

Could you please open up this address: yoursite/yoursubsite/_layouts/15/permsetup.aspx
Please make sure that you picked default ‘Members of this Site’ group.

I have to use that page to set the groups correct manually, the workflow is unsuccessfull at setting them but reports no error.

In this case, could you please send a screenshot of your workflow with properties window opened?
If you don’t want your personal information to be shared you can send me via PM.

The issue was resolved via PM, here is the summary:

The workflow needs a pause because both of actions (creating group and settings default group) are async and you need to wait until creating is done. To achieve that we need to add a pause before Setting default group action like that: