Set Manager based on Employee Number rather than List ID


We run a workflow to constantly update our SharePoint list to keep it up to date. The Org Chart requires us to set the root ID based on the manager’s list ID, rather than their employee number. Can we use a CAML query to grab the employee number from the same list and set the root ID to the returned manager?

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Currently, if a lookup field is used to store information about managers, it stores managers' ID field value. In this case, only item ID can be used as Employee ID in the mapping.

Using a text field to store information about managers allows to set Employee ID as any other field, not only as item ID, and, thus, to set up Root ID as a value from this field.

We are planning to change this logic in the future but we do not have an estimation yet on when it will be ready.

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team