Set-up Post Code Lookup

Hi Plumsail,

Is it possible to set-up a Post Code Lookup which can Auto populate the Employee's Address using an API or something?

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Hello @DryChips,

Where the employee's address is stored? If you have a list of addresses with post codes, you can simply get data using PnPjs get() function.

Hi Margarita, they are not stored anywhere.

The functionality I wanted was for them to search for a post-code and then select their address from a drop-down. Forms from companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft have this functionality. I think they use an API to retrieve the informatioin.

Hi @DryChips ,
our Czech Post provides API at their website, so if you try to find out at the website of your post in your country? Try to google it.
Veřejné služby (

79 862 - that's the number of all PSČ in the Czech Republic. So there is no way to create a list of items and store the data, or is it? Could Plumsail forms for sharepoint 2019 field handle it? Lookup?

I think another way is to create an AJAX request to the API of your local post office and handle the JSON, but it's quite a lot of data to process.

I was having the same question yesterday in my mind because we have a form where you could write down the village or PSČ of the village and other fields would be automatically filled in with the help of Javascript.
That's my opinion.

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Hello @DryChips, @Stepan,

You can use any external JavaScript Library on the form. You can find the code example for the autocomplete library in this post.

Here are the libraries I found without digging deep:

Hi Stepan,

Some really good suggestions you have provided! I was thinking initially about adding addresses to a SharePoint list but it's not sustainable, especially with updating this on a regular basis. It's a temporary solution but not something good for "long term" use.

It's a bit of a tricky problem to solve. I'll look into what Margarita has suggested and see if I find a good solution and post on here if I figure it out.