Setting Datatable column value using PNP script to get a data from Sharepoint another List

we are using datatable in the plumsail form.

we just designed static dropdown box , if we selected Fibre BizPac value from Item Dropdown box then we used PNP scripts to pass selected item value to Other Sharepoint list to get other column PrxID value then set into selected Datatable column value.

we already received console value during Datatable Item change event , but that PrxID value is not set into Datatable PRX ID column value.

how can we set datatable column value using PNP script. Please provide your assistance.

Code Sharing Here:

pnp.sp.web.lists.getByTitle("InternetPlans")"Title", "PrxID").filter("Title eq '" + value[i].AdtInternetPlan + "'").get().then(items => {
PrxID = items[0].PrxID;
console.log('PrxID ' + PrxID);

if (value[i].ComponentID != PrxID)
alert('in Component ID');
value[i].ComponentID = PrxID;
isTableModified = true;

if (isTableModified) {
fd.control('ASectionDataTable').value = value;

Dear @karthi,
As we've discussed in an email, you can find an example of setting DataTable value in this article -