Setting Lookup Values when Copying a Document

I need to copy a document from one library to another and set some lookup fields based on workflow initiation parameters from the user. For instance, I’d like to get a Department Num as input and set that in the destination library so I can reference Department Name, Manager, etc. All the usual ways to update a field seem to fail for lookups with a message like…
The list item could not be inserted or updated because invalid lookup values were found for the following field(s) in the list: [Department Num].
Any help or examples would be great.


To update a lookup field you just need to write a integer value.
Please see example below:

In current example I update field with name “Contact”.

Hi @Roman, I'm trying your method but I couldn't find the Action for Update item after build dictionary... I need my lookup field to be updated same as another lookup field because the item will be display in 2 different form.