Setting up Lookup filtration via SharePoint


I have watched this video many times now and I still can't fathom how to do it: Filter Lookup by Choice, Date, Person, or another Lookup (cascading lookups) in SharePoint form - YouTube

I'm new to SharePoint and I'm not sure how to connect the two lists. I have read the documentation as well but no luck.

Do I need to create Three Sharepoint lists?

  • One for Continent
  • One for Country
  • One which has both Continent & Country?

How do I make sure a particular Continent is for specific country?

Please can you show me how to set this up, step-by-step via screenshots?

Please help!

Many thanks!

Dear @Qman,
This depends on your requirements, but for something like Countries and Continents you'll only need 2 Lists:

  1. Create a List of Continents - Africa, Eurasia, etc.
  2. Create a List of Countries - add a Lookup field to the List of Continents, and when you're adding Countries, specify the Continent in the Lookup field.

Sorry, I still don't understand. Please help!

This is what I have done...

In my lookup settings, the match filter is blank, I don't know why?

Dear @Qman,
First of all, you need a list with all the hospitals:

Then, create a New List called Divisions and click Add column > More...:

Select Lookup field type and point this field to the Hospitals list:

Then match each division to each Hospital in the Divisions List:

Finally, you create your final list, once again, click Add column > More...:

Once again, select Lookup field type and point this field to the Hospitals list:

After adding Hospital Lookup, click Add column again > More...:

Create a Lookup column for a Division:

Now, with this, you'll have both Lookup fields in the SharePoint fields when you open Final List in the forms editor:

And now you can match Hospital field on the current form, to the Hospital field in the Divisions List:

And this way, on the form, you'll only have Divisions for the specified Hospital:

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Thank you so much! Very Helpful!