SharePoint Forms / MS Lists - Offline mode


I noted that the Plumsail forms work in Microsoft Lists.

With the general availability of this month of Microsoft launching project Nucleus to allow MS Lists to be synced for offline purposes can we assume that Plumsail forms that have been published to a SharePoint list would also work offline when synced to local client in Lists?


Hello @chris.cundy,

I've addressed your question to the developers, they will investigate whether forms will work in MS lists offline.

I'll let you know as soon as they reply.


do you have any documentation where you say you as a company stay up to date with Microsoft SharePoint Online development. As the main concern our support teams have is "what if" the product breaks due to a change in the SharePoint Online infrastructure.


Dear @chris.cundy,
No, we don't have such a point in our documentation, but we'd be quickly out of business if it wasn't something that we actively did every week and every day.

Changes to SharePoint Online infrastructure happen somewhat frequently, most of them go unnoticed, but even minor updates can break something somewhere. Plus, there are often bugs on the Microsoft's side which we have to work around.

I assure you that we closely monitor the performance of forms, that's the reason why we have logging built in, to track any potential errors before they become a massive problem - Privacy Policy of Plumsail Forms for SharePoint — SharePoint forms

We've had issues with some SharePoint updates in the past, and we're paying close attention to all the support requests and bug reports. The bugs are fixed as quickly as possible, and even if something major changes, it usually takes only a little time to adjust to.

This is when it comes down to the core functionality of the product, and the "what if" scenarios. It doesn't mean that we can adapt to absolutely any change in SharePoint infrastructure very quickly:

  1. Some things are just not possible - for example, we don't have a way to customize forms in the SharePoint mobile app, and only recommend using the browser on mobile devices. That's because there is currently no way for us to implement it.
  2. Some things are nice, but not critical - there is a lot of new extra functionality that SharePoint is getting, and we'd like to work more with, but it's just not as important as making sure all the other systems are running smoothly. For example, the comments feature on SharePoint items is currently not supported, but it's in the plans. We're happy to offer paid support for such features to make them available sooner rather than later.

To summarize:

  1. SharePoint updates are frequent - they do occasionally break some functionality.
  2. Any bugs and issues are fixed ASAP - we monitor this closely, but let us know if you find something, user's help is often vital in such moments.
  3. Some new features are nice to have, but don't break anything - they're not a priority, but will be added sooner or later, perhaps with paid support option.
  4. Some features just cannot be added as Microsoft doesn't allow such modifications for third party software. Rare, but happens sometimes.

HI @mnikitina

Have you heard back from your developers on this one yet?


Hello @chris.cundy,

No, there is no information about offline lists for developers yet, only the common information from the Microsoft's presentation.

We are waiting for release to check the details.

@mnikitina any updates on this one?

Hello @chris.cundy,

As of now, we don't have plans to implement an offline mode for SharePoint forms. However, if you require this functionality, we can offer paid support for adding it. If you are interested, please email us at [email protected].

I am interested in this function, but disappointed if it is going to cost more

Hello @Hugh.lawson,

Could you please describe your use case. Why do you need an offline mode? Are you working in offline mode now using Microsoft Lists or PowerApps?