SharePoint HelDesk Widget Fails to Install

When I try to add the Plumsail HelpDesk Widget or Form Designer, it always gives the error "Sorry, there was something wrong with the download. try adding it again"!

I have attached a screenshot:


Hello @Encompass,

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Are you a global admin? Please try to install apps under the global admin account.

Also, please check that scripting capabilities are enabled on the site.

Thank you for your reply, I installed the app as a global admin and scripting is enabled on that site.


Where you able to install the app?

If not, have you tried to install any other applications from the store? Do you get the same error?

Please, also try to install the app under a different account.

At the time I made that reply I could not install the app, however I am now able to install the app. I am unsure why it works now, but thank you for your help regardless. To be clear, the site already had scripts enabled and the app was always being installed by a global admin.

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