Show chart only for the current date

Hi guys,

I have a large list that is growing with one element each day for at least next two years.
I wont to have a small dashboard for "today" (daily sales overview).
How can I do that? Show only the data for current day form the entire list.


You could create a view that filters by [Today] and select that view for your graph.

I have done it, it does not work.

What exactly does not work? Did you get your daily view to work? And if so, there might be something wrong with the way you set up the graph Could you post some screenshots? Or more details.

The daily view works and I have chosen it in the chart data source, but the chart is still showing all the days in the list.

Have you modified your view filter after setting it under dashboard designer. If so, switch your list to a different list for a second and switch back to refresh all the views. Than select your day view and open the CAML query at the bottom. Check if your filter is showing in the query.

Oh yes, that seems to work! Thank you jaitsujin! You made my day!

No worries at all. Something to keep in mind. Dashboard doesn’t change automatically when the view filter has been adjusted. It always needs to be refreshed. Glad i could help.