Show form in current users language

I have to find current users language in sharepoint site, and have to show form detail according to its language, like wise is current users language is spanish than all forms details, lookup columns and other things should in Spanish.

Or as plan B some how we can redirect current users to specific form according to its language, but I think for that I have to create too many forms.

I am really hoping some way that I can achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @harshp924,

You can check the language of the current user on form load and change field titles using JavaScript:


    var lang = fd.language;
    //check language
    if(lang == 'es-ES'){
        //change field title
        fd.field('Title').title = 'Título';

Thanks, How can i change content of lookup/choice group column?
i follow steps given to this site "" , problem is when i login in plumsail editor it was not showing "Content type" according to language.

Hello @harshp924,

This article is out of date. Soon we will release a new version of Plumsail Forms and publish updated documentation on how to create forms in several languages.

To display options for the corresponding language, you can either customize the appearance of search results for the lookup field or use a common dropdown field. The approach with the common dropdown field can be used for both lookup and choice fields.

Please look through the articles and let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks a lot,
Can you tell me when we get that update?

Dear @harshp924,
If you're using SharePoint Online, the update is already available. We've updated the instruction as well -

Make sure to update to the latest version of the app package -

Also, you need to make sure that you use the latest desktop app v1.7.1 and re-save your forms in it.

Hello @Nikita_Kurguzovm,
Thanks for the response,

I Updated my package as well as the Desktop app.
I can successfully redirect to the user according to users language,
but i can not see contents that I was designed in default form.
Should I have to redesign all the forms for different user's languages..?
like I don't know how many users will be there with different languages.

I hope you get my point.
Thanks in advance.

Dear @harshp924,
You should still get the default form, if none of conditions are true in the routing. The localized forms are completely optional.

If you don't see the default form, please, send us screenshots from the editor and from the browser and include as much of the screen as possible, especially URL in the browser, and form type in the editor.