Show Word Table in 2 column

In a report we're using a word table showing a checkbox and a label behind this checkbox.

In order to optimize the usage of the page space, we'd like to show these two fields in two columns.

How could we do that?

Currently we have placed a simple word table like this in the word template:

{{Enabled}:checkbox} {{Description}}


You can place the tags in a table like this:



and the result:

Best regards,
Plumsail team

In my case, I only have two properties in a repeating table ('Enabled' and 'Description').

{{Enabled}:checkbox} {{Description}}

An idea I had was splitting the table in two chunks and then adding it as you've proposed. It's just a bit effortful :slight_smile:

{{Enabled}:checkbox} {{Description}} | {{Enabled2}:checkbox} {{Description2}}