Site Creation Workflow

I have created a basic workflow to create a site, simply entered the name and url and an admin email address and password.

however when I run it comes up with an error of

Something went wrong. To try again, reload then the web page and start the workflow again.

Please could you advise how to resolve the issue

Kindest regards



Thank you for your questions.

Please, try to reproduce the issue with ‘Log to history’ workflow action only. Just to ensure if the issue is related to our workflow action or to the workflow engine in general.

Do you see the error when you are trying to start the workflow or when the workflow is already started in the workflow history? Could you attache screenshots of the error and of the configured workflow (without sensitive information)?

Hi, I think I have sourced the issue, there was a space in the url, which has fixed the issue.

how ever the workflow now completes with out actually creating the site. I have created two workflow status updates, one before and one after. the workflow stats updates then completes without creating the site or updating the second status

Scratch that if I remove the set workflow status I get the same error again

I have also tried creating a workflow to update the AD user description and I get the same issues

when I create non plumsail workflows everything work ok

otherwise I either get premature completion with no error

or if it is purely a plumsail WF I get

“Something went wrong. To try again, reload then the web page and start the workflow again.”

In a dialog Box on the WF manual starting page

Could you send to [email protected] a screenshot of your workflow and an error?

Hi sorry I meant to reply back to this, this morning.

the issue was I didn’t have SP1 installed on SharePoint designer.

Updated and all works beautifully


Thank you for information. Glad to hear this works for you now.