SOLVED: Fill in PDF Form action not working

PDF form fields not being filled with data using the Fill in PDF Form action. The form was created in Acrobat Pro. In Microsoft Flow the action is successful, no error message. And no data in PDF form.

I followed the example instructions to use NitroPro to create a new PDF from scratch. Data still not populating in the test form.

Is there anyway to check as to why the data is not filled int he form?

Hello @GmanDPI and thank you for the question.

Please provide a screenshot with the Fill in PDF action, so I could advise specifically on the matter.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev

This works, but there is an issue if the form is created in Adobe Acrobat and uses extended features.

Adding the Update file action after the Fill in PDF Form action saved the data in the form. Below is an example Flow in which I found a way to get the PDF data in the form. But this changes the form.

Updating an Adobe Reader extended features form changes the form and removes the extended features. I'm using the form in a multi-stage process and trying to add data at each stage in the process, which did not work. In order to do this with an Adobe Extended form you have to add all the the data at the end of the process.

If the form is created in FoxIt Phantom or NitroPro, you can add the data to the form at stages in the process without modifying the form.

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Hello @GmanDPI,

Could you send me the Adobe Acrobat example pdf file? I’ll try to reproduce it and advise on the matter.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team