Splitting tickets with multiple attachments, assign 1 attachment to each ticket

I often receive tickets with multiple attachments (usually PDF, but sometimes png or jpg) that are purchase orders, but I need to process/track them as 1 attachment per ticket. Is there a way to automate splitting tickets with multiple attachments so that it creates multiple tickets with 1 attachment each? Or, if not, is there a way to press the Split Ticket icon inside the ticket and have it also copy the attachments to both tickets? Any advice or help is most appreciated!

Hello, @ecooper

I could suggest you two options to manage this task.

  1. Workflow. You will need another our product - Workflow Actions Pack, particularly the action Get Attachments to Dictionary. Create a workflow that will be started on creation of an item (ticket) in a "Tickets" list. Get its properties, the comment body and attachments, create a new items (tickets) with the comment and one of the attachments using looping. At the end, close the original ticket (update the item status to "Solved").

  2. Create a separate E-mail to receive requests with attachments. Then configure a flow in Microsoft Flow service. It should be started when E-mail received to the special address, then get attachments and send new E-mails with just one attachment of the original message to the E-mail you use to create ticket. Free MS Flow account is restricted by 2,000 executions per month so most likely you will have to pay for the service.

I can help you with configuring the flow if you wish.