SPO List Values Do Not Match Plumsail Form Values

We ran into an unexpected outcome yesterday when editing item.


  1. Reviewers have the item open in Display mode.
  2. Authors have the item open in Edit mode.
  3. Reviewers periodically reload the Display mode (reload browser) to see changes made by Authors.
  4. Authors and reviewers communicate back and forth in a Zoom meeting, talking about needed changes as the Author makes the changes and saves the item.
  5. Upon completion of the work, the Author clicks a custom button that changes field values; once those values change, JavaScript changes the Person based on specific values.
  6. This behavior has always worked perfectly, until yesterday.
  7. The change or new process involves having the item open in Display mode by the Reviewer while the Author makes changes in Edit mode.
  8. Once back at the SPO LIST, the person did not update; all other values were updated, but not the Person.

We just discovered this and have not been able to immediately determine the cause, but will post here when we have more information.

Does the community have any thoughts or has anyone experienced this same behavior?

Here is Click code that the Author triggers when clicking the custom button:

fd.spBeforeSave(function() {
    fd.field('requestreview').value = 'Requesting A Review';
    fd.field('_Status').value = 'Staff Has';
    fd.field('Stage').value = 'Staff Review';
return fd.save();

And here is the code in the JS Panel that should (used to) happen AFTER the button is clicked:

fd.spRendered(function() {

    function assignStaffReviewer() {
        if (fd.field('requestreview').value == 'Requesting A Review' && fd.field('volunteer').value != 'person@emailaddress.com') {
		fd.field('volunteer').value = 'person@emailaddress.com';
            // Setting field PercentComplete to an editable state
                  fd.field('volunteer').value = fd.field('volunteer').value;

    // Calling disablePercent when the PercentComplete value changes
    fd.field('requestreview').$on('change', assignStaffReviewer);

    // Calling disablePercent on form loading


Dear @shedev,
First and foremost, make sure the value is not cached with the following line added to the JS editor: