Start a list workflow (2013)

I am trying to start a list workflow from a site workflow because I want to schedule the workflow to run everyday.
My options are Start workflow______on item_____in list______
So my workflow is called say emailsend and the list is consolidatedelivery and I would want to run the workflow on all items in a particular state.

I assumed that if I did a drop down on the workflow option I would get a choice of list workflows but it brings up a box asking for data source which confuses me…

Can I manage what I want to do with the workflow options or do I need to get hold of a developer???

Thank you for a message.

You just need to fill these options:

  1. workflow "with name" - the name of your workflow
  2. item "with ID" - ID of item on which you need to run workflow
  3. list "with name" - the name of your list

You may see the example below:

In this case, "ListWF" is a name of the list workflow.

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Evgeniy Kovalev
Plumsail Team

Good day,

I have problems to run a list workflow on a subsite.

I’m getting this error in the log:
Exception: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.

I am an site collection admin so it should not be a permissions problem.

All my variables are set correctly, I’ve checked them in a log one step before.

I’ve managed it to work (after I set ThrowError to no) but now I cannot use the input parameters.

Hello @Senad_Omicevic,

Please checkout the following answer Start List Workflow 2013 Giving Errors