Submit button sometimes fail


We have noticed an issue that I think might be a bug. Sometimes when we submit external forms, specially thorough laptops, we noticed that the Submit button fails when we click on it and we have to click it again in order to submit.

I don't think it is due to internet connection as the form fails to submit and we need to click the submit button again.

Is there something we can do as this leaves users with the impression that the tool has a bug. It happened today for example when the business was doing a demo of the form.



User was doing screen sharing with Zoom when it happened. Not sure if this impacts or not.

Hello @adasilva,

Do you run any custom code on button click?

Please check if you are getting any errors on the button click in the browser console (F12).

This form is randomly submitting duplicate entries. I checked with the developer tool on Chrome (F12) and I noticed the error below when I click on the submit button. What I believe is happening is that the user is able to sometimes click on the Submit button multiple times and this causes the duplicate entries.

app.js:17 TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null
at limitCharacters (eval at e._executeCustomJavaScript (app.js:1), :14:36)
at a.eval (eval at e._executeCustomJavaScript (app.js:1), :23:8)
at Ue (app.js:17)
at a.e.$emit (app.js:17)
at a.value (35.69298fedab028f220f75.js:1)
at (app.js:17)
at pn (app.js:17)
at Array. (app.js:17)
at Qe (app.js:17)


Here is the JavaScript that I'm using.

JavaScript_Code_June16.txt (23.8 KB)

Hi Margarita,

If I were to provide you with the form ID and time frame for a specific user would you be able to see if the form was submitted four times in succession?

I need to determine if the user actually submitted multiple times in a row or if something happens with the submit button that sometimes allows them to multi-submit without meaning to.

I did see it once when the the submit button was slow to act and the user clicked two times in the button in a row and item was submitted twice, could this be happening again. If so, how do I stop this?

I also think that it is happening only when they submit through the laptop, not the phone. Please advise.

Hello @adasilva,

You can enable saving submissions in General Settings and track form submissions in your Plumsail Account.

Most likely, the code that you are using causes this issue. Please export the form and share it with us to reproduce the case. You can post it here or send it via [email protected].

Hi Margarita,

Thank you! I have submitted the form to [email protected]

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Hi Margarita,

I was wondering if you had any updates on this as I saw it happening today on another form that Iā€™m using.



Hello @adasilva,

Have you tracked under what circumstances the form is submitted multiple times?

Do you see duplicated records in Plumsail Account?

I checked the Plumsail account and I see two duplicate submissions (see image).

What happened is that I pressed the Submit button and instead of submitting right away it lagged, allowing me to press the submit button again which cause duplicate submission.

This form has a Captcha so it happened even with the form having it. Please advise.

Hello @adasilva,

Have there been errors in the browser console?

Is it the same form you've shared with us previously?


I still get random duplicate submissions on all my forms, not sure why this happens. The way that I'm dealing with this is to create a unique column in SharePoint so that if the form sends duplicate values the second one is denied by the SP list. That works, but I don't understand why it happens. I believe it is caused by the user when they are able to click on the "Submit" button multiple times.

Hello @adasilva,

Is it the same form?

Have you added Captcha control to the form? Have you tried to disable Submit button when it is clicked?