Survey on ticket closure

Is this a possibility, or is it on your roadmap?


Thank you for your question.

Currently, you can create your own survey using any third party service like and include a survey link to email notification about ticket resolution.

Additionally, we are working on feedback feature right now. Once a ticket is closed, a requester will receive a message asking for feedback. Feedback includes estimation of a support level and a comment to provide additional information.

I can’t provide you any due dates but expect this feature to be ready within four - six weeks.

Good day, This evening I’ve discovered your solutions. It looks very promising!

About the survey request: I am very curious for such solutions. What were you able to realize?

With kind regards,

Hi @webjoko,

Thank you for your question. You have two options here:

  1. Use builtin customer satisfaction survey. It allows you to collection information about satisfaction and comments from requesters. Then this information is displayed in help desk reports section. Later you can filter tickets by customer satisfaction rate. Please review this documentation article for more information.

  2. Create a custom survey in any external survey or forms tool. For example in Surveymonkey or in our product Plumsail Forms . Then include a link to this survey form into template of message about ticket resolution. This article describes how to update a message template.

If you use Plumsail Forms, you can even submit data to Microsoft Flow and then store results somewhere in SharePoint. For example, create a separate SharePoint list for survey results and then build reports in HelpDesk based on it with the help of Dashboard Designer (another our product)

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