Sync Mailbox with List (Shared Mailbox) workflow terminating

We are trialing the O365 SharePoint Online version of the workflow actions. We are trying to sync an on-premise Exchange shared mailbox with SP2013 Online. We are getting termination of workflow at the syncing step. The error is “Exception: Unauthorized” and our sense is that this is an issue on the Exchange mailbox since we have tested the shared mailbox username and password and know that it is correct. What mailbox configuration item needs to be looked at so we can work with our messaging team to fix?


Could you please try to use IMAP version of the workflow action?

I tried the IMAP version and the workflow terminates with this error: Exception: The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found. What else can you suggest?

Please make a request at [email protected], I think we could setup screen sharing session to diagnose the issue.