Synthetic charts based on items that users do not have access to

We have a SharePoint list with 3 columns: Order, Seller and Quantity. Each Seller has ACCESS ONLY to the ITEMS he has CREATED. In order to stimulate competition, how could we build generalizable chart with Plumsail DashBoard Designer (visible to ALL sellers) that contain aggregate information about ALL sellers (not just about their own sales)?
An example of a desired chart is attached.
Thank you!

Dear @Cumatale,
Thank you for the question. Is this a security measure with the access? Unfortunately, at least some access to the data is necessary for the chart to be built - it's built in real time each time user opens page, and it requests real time data. If user has no access to it - it can't be built. Maybe you can copy some information to another list, and get it from there instead.