Target Audiences for SharePoint List or Library


How do we use/implement audience targeting via the Target Audiences field in a SharePoint list or library? For some reason, I can't enter the SharePoint Group, AD Group or M365 Group in this field in either Plumsail form or the OOB SharePoint form. The Target Audiences field always contains the following info:

Any ideas on how to get it to work?


Hello @stormanh,

Target Audiences field is not supported in Modern UI, both by default forms and Plumsail Forms.

To use this field, you can switch the list view to classic in List Settings >> Advanced >> List experience.

Thus the list view and default forms will be switched to Classic UI and you can use the Target Audiences field.

Thanks for this info @mnikitina.

After changing the list from modern to classic, and attempting to use this list with Plumsail Forms the Target Audiences field didn't work. So is it correct to say for now that we won't be able to use Target Audiences field which only works with classic default SharePoint form and not with Plumsail Forms?


That is correct.

Plumsail Forms works in Moder UI, and the Target Audiences field works in Classic UI only.