<td> tag width not working


I'm trying for my html template with a table in it to span the entire width of the page by using the width attribute of the td tag but it doesn't seem to be working in the resulting PDF file.

Any reason for this?

Here's the code for the table:

<table border=1>
    {{#each ITRHeader}}
         <td width=25%>{{Label1}}</td>
         <td width=25%>{{Value1}}</td>
         <td width=25%>{{Label2}}</td>
         <td width=25%>{{Value2}}</td>

Hi @Armand,

I tested the action. This is my flow


and this is the resulting HTML



So, it created the table with the specified width. Also I converted the HTML to PDF and the result was ok


Could you share with me the resulting HTML code?

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team

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Hi @Petr, thanks for your reply. I just switched to DOCX templates as I couldn't get it to work in HTML. I always thought that the width attributes in a row should always add up to 100% so I didn't really try doing what you did there which was to give it a 200% width.

Thanks anyway. It's all working for me now using DOCX templates.

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