Test Tenant and PROD Tenant License

Hello Team,

Besides registering our tenant account with Plumsail do we have any prerequisites to be completed before purchasing full-time license of SharePoint Online forms and Dashboard designer?

Also do we need to purchase two different full-time license for Test Tenant and PROD Tenant?

Praveen Kumar P

Hello @pkp,

No other actions is required.

You need to purchase separate license for each tenant, production and test, where you are planning to use our software.

Hello @mnikitina ,

Thank you!

I believe while purchasing forms we need to register with an account to provide our tenant information

Can we use a technical user account for this?

If we use a user account and if user leaves the company it would be a concern

Please advise if we can use a technical user account for registering while purchasing plumsail forms

Also is there any version upgrade planning for plumsail forms, if so do we need to download package again and install

Hello @pkp,

If the technical account has a mailbox, sure, you can use it to register an account.

Also, the licesne for SharePoint Online is bound to the domain, so even if you will loose access to Plumsal Account, the licesne will work.

The current app package version is 1.0.8. If you are using an earlier version, please update the app package. You can find the instruction here: