Ticket History Status Change

So I had an issue with a Scheduled task that set all tickets that were set to Solved to a new status called Follow Up. I found the problem that I did that caused the issue but I have no way of reverting back to previous status without going into the history tab of each ticket and look for it. With over 300 tickets affected I'd like to do this with workflow but I can't find the history notes in any of the sharepoint tables. Is there a way to get to these?

Hello Joe! I need to consult with developers regarding retrieving data of the "History" tab. But perhaps, you could filter the items from the "Tickets" list using some fields, couldn't you? For example, you could filter the tickets that were modified by HelpDesk ("SharePoint App") in a certain time range and have the required status. You can use either a standard SharePoint action or a HelpDesk one:

I tried that but the issue is I am not sure what status they were prior. So I don't want to sent any to Solved that are not Solved.

I have replied to you through a private message.