Titles no longer showing in People Picker Fields

Hi - We have two profiles in our AD for nearly every user. A ‘student’ account and an ‘employee’ account which contains the person’s job title, department, etc. In Plumsail forms, the title used to show on the employee account in the dropdown of a people picker field, but within the last week or so the title has disappeared from this view.

Since there is virtually no way to tell the difference between the two accounts on Plumsail forms (unless the user has their picture on their profile), it seems that the ‘student’ account is being more frequently selected. This means that when the permissions workflows are updating items to ensure privacy, users’ student accounts are being given permission rather than their actual employee profile.

As you can imagine, this is creating a bit of a mess for us to try to ‘switch’ all of the fields to the correct profile. Any chance we can get the title restored to the dropdown view?


Thank you for your request. The issue was reproduced and added to our issue tracking system. We are working on that.


The issue should be resolved in the new version, please clean the browser cache and try again.