Tooltip name isn't visible


When I set the first field in the box template as a tooltip link, the name no longer shows:


How do get that field to be a tooltip and be visible?

Also, is there a way to move the connector to be in the centre? It's currently displaying further to the right as shown in the screenshot above.

Many thanks

Hello, Sally! I could not reproduce the issue. Please collect the screenshots with the information below in one Word file, export it as a PDF and share with me either through a private message in the community or through a ticket raised by sending a message to [email protected] (refer to this topic in the last case):

  • each tab of the configuration wizard,
  • if some custom code or styles are not visible, add them as plain text below the screenshot,
  • the field values from the source list for the items visible on your screenshot above.

If possible, you can provide me with external access to your Org Chart page and the data source list so that I could research your issue directly. I will need at least edit permissions on both. Find my e-mail address in your private messages.

Forgot to mention, before collecting the data, please try clearing the browser cache (all, not just recent) and ensure that you use the latest version of Org Chart.


As requested, I have sent an email to the support email address with the information requested.

Thanks for your help.