Transferring the API key to a different tenant


A client of ours is migrating content and customizations between an old and a new Office 365 tenant. Is it possible to move an existing Plumsail Documents subscription from the old tenant to the new tenant?


Hello, @gary

I duplicate here the answer from your ticket on this issue.

There are no problems to move a subscription from one Plumsail account to another. But API keys generated in your Plumsail account can be used in the context of any tenant you like. So Plumsail actions will be available as far as you have API keys. If there are no problems with getting API keys and access to Plumsail account, I would recommend you to leave all as it is, and use Actions in Microsoft Flow with any MS accounts or tenants you want. If you want, you can create the new account now and request a transfer of the subscription from your old account to the one.