Trigger said "send email succeeded" but no email was sent

I have been testing HelpDesk app on our development SharePoint 2019 server and I run into a show-stopper problem.

When a new ticket is submitted, the default “Notification: All Agents - New ticket” trigger does not actually send any emails even though the trigger’s log said “send email succeeded”.

I even created a new trigger to always send myself an email whenever a new ticket is created and I got the same problem: “Send email succeeded” according to the log but no emails were sent. (I don’t see any emails generated by any trigger show up in the Sent box of the Gmail account either).

I’m using a test Gmail account for testing IMAP and SMTP.

The “Test Outgoing Email” button on Email Settings page works because:

  1. I actually get email.
  2. Email generated by “Test Outgoing Email” actually showed up in the Sent box of the test Gmail account.

I looked at SharePoint’s log files in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\16\LOGS” and I don’t see anything that indicates errors in trigger execution.

I have uploaded a text file containing log information related to a “Notification: All Agents - New ticket” trigger execution.

It would be appreciated if anyone can provide clues on why triggers are not actually sending emails.

Thank youLog.txt (6.1 KB)

Hi @jlin,

It’s to inform other members of the community.

HelpDesk uses email addresses taken from SharePoint User Profile records. If a user don’t have a SP accounts, HelpDesk uses an email from the Contacts list.

So, if a notification is sent to a SP user, it will not be received at the email address specified in the Alternate Email field in the entry in the contacts list.

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Hi Anna,

I noticed that as well yesterday when I was trying SharePoint workflows as alternatives to what I thought were non-functional triggers.

I think it would be helpful if your documentation mentions this just in case new users got the impression that email addresses in the Contact list would be used for sending emails. If triggers can properly record any missing email address when executing Send Email function, that would also be nice.

Thank you