Trying to connect vacancy list


I am trying to connect our orgchart (which is based on a SP list datasource) with a secondary list to manage vacancies. I am able to connect to the secondary list via the configuration wizard, but I cannot tie nodes to their manager. See screenshots below.

I than attempted to use a auto generated list and created a new test role. I assigned a manager via the Employee ID field and the node is showing but theres no information in the box at all. See screenshots below.

How can I tie my secondary vacancy list and ensure the nodes and information is showing.



Hello @mhannaway,

To assign a vacancy to a specific manager, you need to use the value of that manager's ID field. Here's an example:

Now as to why the vacancy box is not displaying anything. This is because the same box template is used for vacancy boxes as for your main list. Note that if there is no 'PositionTitle' field in the template, it will not be displayed in the vacancy box:

As you can see, in my case only three fields are used: Title, JobTitle and Department. These are the only fields I can use in my vacancies list:

Thank you so much. This seems to have worked now. Would you be able to help with a code to change the colour of any vacant position? Thank you.

You are very welcome, @mhannaway!

You can use the following CSS to change the background and border colors of vacancies:

.poch-node_vacancy .poch-group-item__card { 
  background-color: black !important;
  border-color: red !important;