Trying to create a PDF, but just started getting this odd error


So this workflow was running just fine an hour ago, I have no idea what changed, but I am getting this error on the workflow page:

RequestorId: 2fe8eded-4692-e557-0000-000000000000. Details: System.Activities.Statements.WorkflowTerminatedException: The specified view is invalid. and I found this:
Getting items from based on

… and save to Variable: dictionary
which has a property called view, which contains the CAML Query, which looks like this:

Anything would be great here, as I am at a total loss.



Please pay attention that we have a few workflow actions to get items:
Get Items by Query
Get Items from View
Get Items by CAML Query

I suppose you use Get Items from View, but specified wrong view name.
Please ensure that the view exists in the list/lib


I really have no idea what you are talking about?? I know how views work, what I am saying is that something is wrong with my workflow.


Please ensure that you filled in correctly all parameter, if you unsure please post here (or email us to support mailbox) the screenshot of the workflow action


Ok, here it is.


Also, here is my CAML Query



You are using Get Items from View workflow action, but instead of view name you pass invalid CAML query (this is why you see the error)
I suppose the action was added accidentally.

Remove the action Get Items from View and add Get Items by CAML Query.


I did that, but now I am getting this error again:


I mean, the entire thing was working just fine, until I changed my password on my laptop, then everything started flipping out.


Please check out the following article:
Manage credentials for workflow actions on site level

To avoid the same situation we recommend to use a separate account to run the workflow.