Two position holders

Dear Team,

We have several cases when one position has two holders (these are not root positions, so this article will not work).
Is there a solution for such cases?
Is it possible to merge entries in the list by one or two parameters and display names separated by "/"?


Hi @isychev ,
I think currently the only workaround for this is to create a 'dummy' user that will combine both names of the position holders. Currently, we don't support combining of the users in one box.

Hi @v.uspenskii ,

We came up with an idea to store name of the second holder in a separate column - "Secondary Holder Name". So, we will have "Primary Holder Name" and "Secondary Holder Name".

"Primary Holder Name" visible in the box in the org.structure.

Would it be possible for the system to check for each entry in the list if "Secondary Holder Name" column is empty or not. If it's empty then display value only from the "Primary Holder Name" column in the box, otherwise, concatenate the data from "Primary Holder Name" and "Secondary Holder Name" and display in in the box?


Hi @isychev ,
nice idea!
Yes, I think if you use the SharePoint list as the Data source, this could be a good workaround as well.
It's quite easy to set up:

  1. I've created the "SecondaryName" column in my list and put down a single value "Second Manager" for the guy Derek Clark.
  2. Now all I need to do is format the HTML of the Box to conditionally concatenate the Title (Primary name) with the SecondaryName column:


  1. As a result, Derek Clark will be displayed with the text from the second column.

You can use any HTML and CSS formatting to format the concatenation the way you want it.

Thanks, @v.uspenskii
I will give it a try!